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Our History

The Department of Aerospace Engineering at Tamkang University was founded in 1972, making it the first of its kind among all the universities in Taiwan. Since then, the department has successfully graduated more than two thousand alumni, who are now working in various fields within the aerospace industry. In 1996, the department was renamed from “The Department of Aeronautical Engineering” to “The Department of Aerospace Engineering” and a post-graduate program was established.

Through the hard work and dedication of all our faculty, staff, and students, the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Tamkang University has gained an industry-wide recognition for its quality of education and a highly favorable reputation for its alumni.

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Our commitment to the quality of education provided to our students is widely recognized within the industry. Our curriculum includes fundamental courses in Mathematics and Physics; and major/core courses in Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structures, Power Plants, Aircraft Design, Space Mechanics, and Rocket Engineering, etc. In addition, we also provide technical course electives in Aircraft Systems, Aircraft Instruments, Avionics, Air Traffic Control, Quality Assurance, and Flight Safety, etc. Most importantly, junior year students are required to obtain an internship position within the industry to acquire relative job skills and knowledge that becomes highly useful upon graduation. This comprehensive curriculum well prepares our students for the various demands and challenges in the commercial and/or military aircraft industry.

Department Specialty Areas
1. Vibrations and Fluid-Solid Dynamics
2. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
3. Aviation Electronics, Navigation, and System Control
4. Space Science and Technology
5. Computational Mechanics
6. Civil Aviation Technology

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