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Taiwan Experience Education Program TEEP@AsiaPlus - 2017-2018
The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory in Tamkang University in Taiwan is excited to announce a 3-month Internship Program for Any consecutive 3 months between March to November 2018. Through the program, you will be able to experience the design, fabrication and flight tests of a UAV. Internships are available for undergraduate students majoring in Engineering. Applicants should submit a resume and a cover letter to Dr. Fu-Yuen Hsiao at intern.tkuuav@gmail.com. The application deadline is 2 months before the internship starts, and no later than July 31th, 2018. No tuition is required, and monthly stipend of 10,000 NTD will be provided to compensate the living expenses. Please go to http://goo.gl/5Ri6rh for more information.



Aero Alumni 民航學程  UAV 外語能力檢定 

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