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Equipment Resources

  • Aircraft Display Area

    Location:around Maritime Museum, Tamsui Campus of TKU. 、E-building 3F (the right one)
    Tel: +886 - 2- 2621-5656 ext.3544, 2617
    Contact window: CHANG SHUO KAI(Assistant Technical Specialist)

    Our outdoor display area hosts four full-scale aircraft models, allowing students the opportunity to relate what they learned in the classroom to real life objects. (p.s The C-45 has been junked. )
  • Introduction of Aircraft

PL-1 Trainer Aircraft

PL-1 aircrafts were the first batch of airplanes manufactured by Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. This aircraft was gifted to Tamkang University after its retirement in 1989.


Cessna 206

This aircraft was received from Taiwan Airlines on Dec. 21, 1988 for practical training and academic purposes as a part of the Industry-Academy Cooperative program.


Cessna206 淡江航太

F-100A Super Sabre

The F-100 series were the first jets that could cruise in supersonic. This aircraft was received in Mar. 1988 for exhibition and academic purposes.


F-100A 淡江航太


Far East Airlines(founded in 1957), initially purchased the Republic of China Air Force AT-11 trainer to be converted into C-45 transport aircraft, contracting cargo of newspapers and other cargo operations. In June 1977, Far East Airlines donated the C-45 transport aircraft number B-205 to the the university for display.


C-45 淡江航太

Boeing 747-300 carrier( 1:50 model )

The 1:50 model of Boeing 747-300 carrier, registered as JA8189, was custom-ordered from a German company in 1989. It was one of the two purchased and was displayed in JAA’s Taipei office. B747 is no longer operating in the company these years. In commemoration of its historical value, this model was donated as a monument to the Department of Aerospace Engineering at TKU in December 3rd, 2014.


C-45 淡江航太

UH-1H ambulance helicopter

The UH-1H ambulance helicopter was built by Bell Company. It was a classic aircraft for disaster relief, rescue, ambulance, observation, reconnaissance, transportation for 45 years. With the assistance of Prof. Wang and colleagues, the UH-1H of NA-519 was delivered to the Tamshui Campus by Hualien Air Force Base on December 22, 2017. It will be used for research, display and teaching purposes.


C-45 淡江航太

  • Renovation of Exhibited Aircrafts, Industry-Academy Cooperative Program

Aeronautical System Research Division, National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology was entrusted to assist the students of Aerospace Engineering, Tamkang University to renovate the aircrafts exhibited. We are grateful to have their help in all aspects to enable the successful completion of this program.

October 2015

PL-1(after) PL-1(before)



CESSNA U206F(after) CESSNA U206F(before)



F100A(after) F100A(before)





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